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What role does art play in your self care?


What does queer art mean to you, especially in times of crisis and isolation?

We want to continue to use this platform to unite us, especially with lots of Pride events being cancelled. Sassify is here to act as your digital safe space. Where LGBTQ+ and allies come to connect and share your art, stories and experiences to inspire others.

Let us know how you remain inspired and connected with your community in these crazy times.

We are still sharing your Queer Art weekly in our stories on Instagram and Faceook. We hope to inspire others trapped in isolation with no support network.


We will share all artwork, photography, writing with the @sassifyzine , #sassifyzine or #queerart tags.

Proposed transgender reforms threatening

trans rights.


You may have recently seen some articles online about Liz Truss the equalities minister. She is threatening the future of trans kids under 18 and the gender diverse community when she hinted at proposed radical healthcare reforms. Please read for yourself.

Healthcare for trans people should be non-negotiable, safe spaces should be non-negotiable.

These proposals are based on misinformation and fear. If she actually spoke to the trans community maybe understanding it will make it less scary.

To be clear: Trans kids who are under 18 cannot have gender-affirmation surgery anyway. These proposed reforms will only prevent kids from accessing counselling and support for their dysohoria in whatever form that takes...You know, so they don't commit suicide because of dysphoria.

Preventing these basic necessities won't stop under 18s from being trans, and appropriate levels of support should be available regardless of age.

Please write to your local MP opposing these proposed reforms.



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