Words: Ellie Thompson

Sassify Zine – May 2019


On May 23rd, an “avant-garde Eurovision” called EuroNoize will be taking place at London’s Scala. A celebration of the obscure, the niche and the uncategorizable, music that runs deeper than national borders.


EuroNoize was born from Pil and Galia Kollectiv’s grotesque fascination with the Eurovision Song Contest to represent the secret international fellowship of “punx and weirdos” stretching everywhere from Russia to Ireland…


The event will feature 11 bands from around the world, who will perform one new song in front of a live audience. The event will also be streamed live online so people can cast their vote from afar for their favourite performance of the evening.


The event will be hosted by Ruby Waters, drag alter-ego of Andrew Milk from the band Shopping and Kay Isgay of the band Homosexual Death Drive. Featuring a bizarre cast of DIY, alternative and underground bands, a story intrinsically connected to Brexit and with a heavy focus on inclusivity.


The event will bring an array of artists from across Europe such as Estonia’s cult internet sensation Winny Puhh, Russia’s politically motivated Asian Women On The Telephone and Ireland’s hard-hitting feminists Sissy to represent their countries.

 Also, contentiously, despite being set in London and as a testament to the great talent pervading throughout the world and proudly representing a unity currently not felt throughout the country, the UK will not be represented at the event following Brexit – something I think will really resonate with the remain camp, and says a lot for the outside perspective of what is happening in the UK at the moment.




EuroNoize serving us a new kind of music phenomenon.

The promoters, Galia and Pil Kollectiv, have established themselves as art curators that have now been settled in London for several years but are originally from Israel – co-incidentally also the host nation of this year’s Eurovision that is being boycotted by some due to the political situation there.


The concept for EuroNoize was born of a grotesque fascination. Growing up in Israel, watching the Eurovision Song Contest was an exciting family event. Through a strange set of circumstances, Israel was included in Europe for one night, and a parade of bizarre performances in foreign languages invaded all living rooms around us. The music has always been mostly appalling, but occasionally, a subversive spectacle would penetrate the predictable blandness: a Finnish monster metal band, an Armenian serenading a giant

apricot seed or a bunch of out of tune Israeli artists waving a Syrian flag.

‘ For us, amidst the sectarian violence and chaos of our home town of Jerusalem, it was as exotic as full orchestral arrangements and sequin dresses.


It might have been this early interest in music as a visual spectacle that drove our interest in the idea of the art band. Coming from a background in music journalism, We became interested in understanding how this global subculture revolving mostly around Anglo-American music intersected with local identities on the periphery of the culture industry.

Our line-up reflects an attempt to present a broad, although by no means comprehensive European spectrum representing the east, west, north and south of the continent.’

Britain, following Brexit, is not participating.


Ruby Waters

Ruby Waters

Pil and Galia Kollectiv

Asian Women on the telephone

Pil and Galia Kollectiv




23rd May 2019
The Scala, London