Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into zine making.

I'm a writer, based in South London, with a love for Buffy and cats. My zine began as my MA final project and sort of

evolved from there!It's changed a lot over time, and I learned everything as I went –from other zine makers, people I

admire, and creative friends.


What do you look for in a good zine?

Amazing illustration always pulls me in. That's why Sassify is one of my favourites! Also, zines that are doing something different or presenting something through a really unique lens – Polyester does this so well.


How did you get into zine publishing?

Again, this began during my MA. I just sold the first issue to friendsand family, and it snowballed. Now, I sell about 400 copies per issue and get to see people around the world reading it, which is really rad.


What inspired you to create Girls Club zine?

I just hadn't seen anything out there that published the creative works of women without them having to be established with loads of press first. Rookie was an inspiration, but I just wanted to create a web of women who shared in this printed entity together.


Talk us through your creative process...

Lol. It's very much me, in bed, with coffee or wine at midnight,furiously typing and editing – lots of back and forth with the graphic designer, lots of proof reading, and lots of stressing. In terms of coming up with themes for each issue, I just look at what is most pressing my friends and I at that time.


What would be your desert Island zines?

Consented, because every issue has educated me; Do What You Want, because every submission was golden; and STRIKE!, because it's expanded my mind quite a lot.


What is sassiness?

I think sassiness is a flirtation with the borderline rude. You can shade someone, but if it's in a sassy way, all is forgiven. And you can talk about taboo subjects in a sassy way, and they become accessible and hilarious. I'm probably not making sense, but it's brazen and insolent and divine.


How sassy are you?

I'm probably 2/10 sassy thanks to my fear of people disliking me – the only people who see my sassy side are my mum, best friend, and boyfriend. But I am here, with popcorn, for everyone else's sassiness.


What makes you happy?

Food brings me a lot of joy. Seeing my friends in their element is really nice. Meeting strange cats on walks and them letting me stroke them. Big into reading with a pint in the pub, too.


Political tensions are quite high right now; how can we urge people to vote?

This is post-election, but how to keep people engaged? Read everything, and listen to everyone. (Obviously, don't read The Sun or The Times, anddon't listen to Tories or fascists.) Listen to people who have experiences you don't, and through that, you'll have a massive fire in your belly for change.


Finally, what advice would you give to someone who wants to publish a zine?

Just do it! Now! It's as easy as handwriting a piece and scanning iton a photocopier. You don't need InDesign experience, and you are in full control of what goes in your zine. It's liberating!