Sassify Zine Volume #4

The Gospel of Sass Issue.

48 pages of Full colour.

Cover shot by Emily Rose England.
With illustrations from up and coming artists and interviews from Trixie Mattel, Sophia Crawford and Sweet Thang zine, Buck Angel to name but a few!

Come and help us spread the Gospel of Sass!


Review Magalleria Bath:

Sassify is a queer culture zine that luxuriates in lowbrow. In a good way.

We're seeing a lot of zines coming into Magalleria at the moment and while the standard is becoming consistently high few are as cleverly conceptualised and beautifully executed as this one. Running at over 80 pages Sassify is a very dense but considered read for a zine – much more than a thought piece. Although the zine/magazine exists broadly to explore and exemplify the notion of 'sassy' (which it certainly does, touting a knowing, sexualised kitsch aesthetic that keeps things colourful throughout), each individual issue is now themed around leading nouns such as 'temptation' or 'defiance'. What  is striking is how well this zine understands and caters to its audience. Editorial is mainly in the form of interviews which are short but expertly composed and creative, interpersed with often challenging but superb illustration and photography that simply cannot be ignored.


Sassify Zine #4 The Gospel of Sass Issue

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    SASSIFY ZINE is a lowbrow art publication.

    Every issue is a curated exploration of the word SASSY.

    We toy with illustrations, stories and interviews to challenge perceptions of: Gender, Sexuality, Identity, the Grotesque and the Beautiful to revolutionize what it is to be sassy.