Issue #7

Sassify Zine

December 2019

The Queeroes issue is a celebration of those queer heroes who are doing remarkable things to shape LGBTQ+ lives for a better future. A queero can be an activist, an ally, someone who is reshaping queer perspectives in whatever way they can.


We are all queer heroes in a way because it is going to take us all, queer, straight, cis, trans, intersex and gender diverse to work together to raise awareness and demand change both within and outside of the LGBTQ+ community.



Available March 2020


Cover art by Sofie Birkin Illustration


We have interviews with-


Sofie Birkin Illustration


Zach Grear art


Fox Fisher


Moranda Reaux


Anick Soni


HIV myth busting with Terrence Higgins Project.


Personal Queer journey accounts from-


Katy Jalili


Asifa Lahore


Artwork from-


Slut Mouth Design


More artists to be announced!