Words: Jason Kattenhorn
December 2019
Why not start your week off with something inspirational!
TEDx is coming to Banbury on February 29th 2020.
TEDx Banbury is going to be an extravaganza of the audible senses for our small town with big ideas.
Editor- In- Chief of Sassify aka Jason Kattenhorn will be one of the speakers.
''It is the little things that make a difference, and I am looking forward to seeing as many local faces as possible in the audience.  My talk will be a celebration of everything LGBTQ+. It will be divisive, it will be personal and importantly I hope bits of it will make you laugh.''
Delight your peripherals with the line-up over of the TEDx Banbury website and grab your tickets now to be part of this remarkable event in Banbury.